Rampion Offshore Wind Farm

Enquiry received via email

Rampion Offshore Wind Farm

29 October 2010
T. Chavasse


EON has referred me to your website for Scoping report uploads.The web address provided being attachment 1
However this does not give access to Scoping Reports / Opinions uploaded by Conservation bodies being consulted. I have a specific interest in marine fauna related to chalk formations and will need to keep an eye on uploads in the next 14months..
Can you provide me with a means of obtaining that access -perhaps a refined web address ? I would imagine that the 2010/10 in the address given by EON would change as the months go by.

Advice given

I refer to your enquiry received via e-mail on 26th October, regarding the proposed Rampion Offshore Wind Farm in the English Channel off the Sussex coast, south of the city of Brighton and Hove. As you will be aware, a Scoping Report was received in September and the Commission's Scoping Opinion was recently issued (both of which are available on the Commission's website).
I note your interest in specific issues and relevant responses from the Statutory Consultees.
Before adopting a scoping opinion (and/or on receipt of a Regulation 6 notification), the IPC has a duty to consult the ?consultation bodies'. The ?consultation bodies?, as defined in EIA Regulations, are bodies prescribed under s42(a) of the Planning Act 2008 and bodies prescribed by the Infrastructure Planning (Applications: Prescribed Forms and Procedure) Regulations 2009. Consultation bodies have 28 days to respond with any comments, stating either the information that they consider should be included in the ES or that they do not have any comments. Any responses received after the deadline will not be considered within the scoping opinion but will be forwarded to the applicant for consideration at a later date.
Whilst it is unclear which bodies you refer to in your email, nevertheless the Opinion takes into account any representation made by those consultation bodies which responded within the 28 day period. Those responses are available within Annexe 2 of the published Scoping Opinion.

attachment 1
attachment 1