Navitus Bay Wind Park

Enquiry received via email

Navitus Bay Wind Park

10 June 2014
David Gerry


Query regarding the application.

Advice given

This application was accepted for examination by the Planning Inspectorate on behalf of the Secretary of State on 8 May 2014. During the 28 day acceptance period, which began when the application was submitted on 10 April 2014, Planning Inspectorate staff completed the ?Section 55 Acceptance of Application checklist? which sets out the tests and criteria which the application documents must fulfill. During this stage of the process, the application was reviewed under procedural tests as set out by the Planning Act 2008 and its subsidiary legislation; there is no consideration of the merits of the application as these will be examined later in the process.
The s55 checklist was completed by Planning Inspectorate staff, including input from an Examining Inspector who was appointed to advise on the acceptance decision. Based on the findings of the checklist, a recommendation was put forward to the acceptance decision maker who is the Planning Inspectorate?s Director of Major Applications and Plans, on behalf of the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government. You can view the s55 checklist for the Navitus Bay Wind Park application on our website by looking under the ?Documents? tab.