Navitus Bay Wind Park

Enquiry received via email

Navitus Bay Wind Park

18 October 2011
Hampshire & IoW Wildlife Trust - Pauline Holmes


We note on your website that a scoping report has been submitted to yourselves in relation to the Navitus Bay Wind Park. We also note in the advice given you mention a deadline of the 21st October 2011 for comments on the scoping report.
We are not aware of any formal consultation and cannot see from you website that this is the case or the process for commenting on any consultation .
Can you therefore please confirm whether there is a consultation on the scoping report and if so, whether the 21st October is the deadline for comments? What the process is for us getting comments to you on this?

Advice given

As mentioned, a scoping report has been submitted by Eneco Round 3 Generation Ltd to the IPC for Navitus Bay Wind Park under Regulation 8 of the Infrastructure Planning (Environment Impact Assessment) Regulations 2009. Under the provisions of those Regulations, the IPC have invited prescribed bodies to make comments on the document by the 21st October 2011.
The prescribed bodies are defined in the Regulations (EIA Regulations 2(1) a-c; those bodies prescribed under s.42(a) of the Planning Act 2008 and listed in column 1 of the table set out in schedule 1 of the Infrastructure Planning (Applications: Prescribed Forms and Procedure) Regulations 2009 ('the APFP Regulations') where the circumstances set out in column 2 are satisfied in respect of that body; and each authority that is within s.43 ('local authorities') of the Planning Act 2008 ).
The IPC's scoping opinion is then due for completion on the 2nd November 2011 and will be published on our website on or soon after that date. A list of the prescribed bodies that were consulted will be contained in the scoping opinion.
The Regulations prescribe the basis on which the IPC is to reach its opinion. There is no formal provision for Wildlife Trusts to provide comments directly to the IPC on the scoping report. However, you may submit comments directly to Eneco who have made us aware that there is information on their website for sending your views on any part of the proposals.
As part of the pre-application process there is a statutory requirement for the developer to consult with the local community and a duty to take account of the responses received (Sections 47 and 49 respectively of the Planning Act 2008). As required by Section 47 of the Planning Act 2008, we understand that Eneco are working with the local authorities about how consultation could be undertaken. This would offer you a further formal opportunity to provide your comments to Eneco.
Should the application be submitted to the IPC and subsequently accepted to progress to examination, there will be the opportunity for you to register as an interested party with the IPC and comment on the application. We currently expect the application to be submitted in the first quarter of 2013. In the mean time, all comments during the pre-application stage should be directed to Eneco.
For further information about the IPC role and process during the pre-application stage, our advice notes are available via our website.