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Representations received regarding Manston Airport

The list below includes all those who registered to put their case on Manston Airport and their relevant representations.

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Angela Stevens
"1) Manston Airport already has a large, existing runway, saving the UK millions. 2) It will provide freight relief for main London airports, enabling them to concentrate more on passengers. 3) Jobs desperately needed in Thanet."
"In my opinion Manston Airport should be re-opened for aviation whether that is either passenger or freight usage or indeed both. Manston Airport should not be used for housing and/or business as the infrastucture of the area is not adequate enough as it is. "
Barbie Morgan
"I totally support the re-opening of Manston Airport as a working airport for the following reasons:- It will improve job prospects for the community It will add to the economy The Airport can take some of the air traffic from the other London airports; the area has good road networks. I would like to see Manston airport used for passengers travelling abroad, not just for cargo, again this would help the economy in the area and help employment. It would take away the traffic going to The London Airports, easing congestion on the M25. The long runway has a part to play in increasing the much needed airspace in the South East. Local businesses will thrive, again, great for the local economy. The company, Riveroak is willing to invest in Manston Airport as they see Airport as a significant part to play in aviation. "
Barry King
"Moor jobs thane houses is what Thanet is in need of I so port river oack"
Bernard Elbourn
"I am a strong supporter of Manston Airport re-opening for many reasons. I want Kent & Thanet to have the high quality jobs that Manston Airport will bring It will help to raise young people’s aspirations. I want my Family to have Aviation related jobs If Manston were to be used for housing, as the owner wants, the infrastructure of Thanet would come to a standstill. Little or no reliance can be placed on Thanet District Council's Evaluations on the Adequacy of Consultation Representations"
Bryan Craig
"I believe that Manston should be reopened as an airport for many reasons. Some are undoubtedly emotional, such as there has been an airport / airfield of some description at Manston for about 100 years, or there are munitions and other military items buried along the runway that could be a hazard if disturbed. However, I believe that Manston should be reopened and used primarily as a cargo airport which could well reduce the load on other regional airports, including Heathrow, which will not expand for a number of years, if indeed it does actually expand. The road links are relatively good with the option to transport goods to northern Europe via the local port at Ramsgate or from Dover or the Channel Tunnel, not just to the UK. I believe that the equestrian hub that was built by Plane Station a number of years ago should also be regarded as a prime facility for the South East. I believe that the prospect of more and potentially better jobs in a deprived area of the country will undoubtedly help the area financially and probably socially as well. Then there is always the potential for the rail terminal to be re-established which would provide an efficient means of distributing cargo from Manston to other areas. I would imagine that any rail terminal would also provide even more jobs in the area. "
Carol Considine
"I have grown up with manston airport being active and miss all the activity very much also my late partner and my daughter worked there and my son did work experience there it is such a fantastic part of our lives and not having it in action is so sad . The airshows were also a fabulous event also sadly missed and of course best of all the convenience of flying anywhere from a local airport was truly would be fantastic to get the airport back up and running."
Carole Copeland
"Thanet needs investment for our future and jobs for our young people. Engineering and apprenticeships are sadly lacking here. • I support the reopening of Manston Airport having been born in Ramsgate town. I lived under the flight path in Ramsgate for 40 years and it was never a problem or a disturbance. • The reopening would bring much needed employment to Thanet where at the moment there is no future investment on the horizon. • It would bring more training, apprenticeships for our young people in Thanet, good employment not just seasonal work. • A cargo hub would not just benefit Thanet but take the strain from other runways. • Manston Airport has a long history and should be preserved and be available as an Emergency runway. • Our Water Aquifer lies underneath the Airport and we are a drought area in hot summers and building thousands of houses over it would be a disaster • The reopened Airport will attract other businesses to the area who want to send their goods by plane rather than on our over congested roads in Kent. • Many of my friend’s look forward to being able to fly from Manston when passenger planes are introduced. • We need employment in Thanet which has been so neglected for many years and I am very grateful to R S P for their foresight."
Charles Albert Vint
"Manston should re open as an airport as it can become an important freight hub, as the South East of England is running out of space for pure cargo carriers .Thus diverting a lot of cargo to the near continent"
Charlie (RS) SMALL
"From a local aspect it must be obvious that the reopening of ManstonAirport will provide endless employment in an area that has suffered with the unemployment blight for a number of years and local government have seemed to find it impossible to rectify the problem. Surely the amount of housing, suggested to be built on the airport site, will only add to this unemployment blight. From a National point of view, with Brexit looming and an ‘unsettled’ international security situation regularly in the news, it appears to me that the UK would benefit greatly by having a ‘station’ such as Manston airfield in its strategic position should The need arise. The airfield, in its location, also offers options in Air Sea Rescue situation in the English Channel and lower parts of the North Sea. "