Manston Airport

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Manston Airport

Received 16 September 2018
From Cliffsend Parish Council


Cliffsend Parish Council have considered the status of Manston Airport many times, as the airport adjoins the Northern border of the village and has provided employment for village residents for many years.
The Parish Council are firmly of the view that Manston reopening as a airport will provide the employment and airfreight transport links this area and the rest of the country badly needs and will relieve the cargo pressure on the main passenger airports.
If passenger flights are started again later, then that will also be welcomed.

We do not want the other option of the 4000+ houses, which will be a disaster in terms of the ability of the area to support that number of new people, when there is little empolyment in the area and our core infrastructure e.g. water, health services etc are already overstretched.