Manston Airport

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Manston Airport

26 March 2018
Ken Wraight


Please can you note the report from mps over noise and night flights over London re Heathrow expansion. Please can you advise if these restrictions will apply to all new dco applications ie manston.
The new airports national policy statement ie is national so must include manston .please can you advise whether this will be the case also it mentions it will prempt any dco requests..

Advice given

The revised draft of the Airports National Policy Statement (ANPS) is available to read here: attachment 1
The proposed scope of the ANPS is set out on pages 7 and 8. The author of the draft ANPS is the Department for Transport.
The Planning Inspectorate can issue advice about applying for a Development Consent Order (DCO), or about making representations about an application for a DCO. It cannot issue advice about the content of draft national policy.

attachment 1
attachment 1