Manston Airport

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Manston Airport

26 January 2018
Christine Isteed


I have sent back my views to RSP in their recent emailed form regarding the above matter.
As a resident and also a business person I have the strongest views against this proposal - and I am somewhat bemused that after the previous request by RSP and the subsequent rejection they are back yet again. This time actually acknowledging that they will have night flights carrying cargo across and over the top of a residential and built up town.
This is so WRONG on so many levels:
The pollution effect is distressing alone - the noise, which will only harm peoples health but lack of sleep, the devaluation of the area and businesses- lack of jobs ( honestly how many people would it employ) possibly a handful.
The viability of the cargo hub lets remember its already been used as an airport and it was a dismal failure then - this proposed use will effect, schools, businesses and tourists and impact greatly on the towns of Ramsgate and Herne Bay and all the villages and its residents.
RSP are not people we can trust - they had no idea at the last consultation I attended and when asked various questions, they were literally stabbing in the dark for answers on flight paths etc.
No NO No we do not want a cargo hub here - despite everything Ramsgate is trying to keep its head up and become a pleasant holiday and recreational and viable town -
I have already sent my form to RSP but because I do not trust them I am ccing you all on my strong feelings regarding the proposed scheme.

Advice given

The Planning Inspectorate cannot consider representations about the merits of a proposed development at this time.
For information about how and when you will be able to make representations to the Planning Inspectorate, please read our Advice Note 8 series: attachment 1

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attachment 1