Keuper Gas Storage Project

Enquiry received via email

Keuper Gas Storage Project

04 March 2016
Keuper Gas Storage Limited


Pre-Examination correspondence received from Keuper Gas Storage Limited

Advice given

Thank you for your emails dated 23rd of February and 2nd of March 2016 where you have copied us into your correspondence with Holford Gas Storage Limited and Network Rail which contains your comments on their relevant representations. As these submissions were submitted before the examination started and are not addressed to the Examining Inspector, they will not be accepted into the examination and will therefore be returned to you.
Any submission you intend to submit to the Examining Inspector should either be sent by post FAO Tracey Williams or via email to the Keuper Gas Storage Project mail box. Any submission that is sent before the Preliminary Meeting or not relating to an examination timetable deadline will have to be formally accepted by the Examining Inspector, who has the right to refuse to accept the submission. This also includes any late submissions.
In regards with your comments on Holford?s and Network Rail?s relevant representations, these and other comments on relevant representations that you may wish to submit should be sent to the Planning Inspectorate by Deadline 2 (29 April 2016) of the examination timetable, as stated in Annex C of the Rule 6 letter. Further information on how to respond to requests from the Examining Inspector and how to comment on other Interested Parties submissions will be given at the Preliminary meeting.
I would also request, you avoid copying in other parties to emails addressed to the Planning Inspectorate in the event a discussion between parties being likely to take place as the examination under the Planning Act 2008 as this is an open and transparent process meaning any material submitted for the examination would need to be forwarded to the ExA and accepted to be part of the examination.
May I also draw your attention to our letter dated 11 February 2016 (Regulation 6 Fees Single Examining Inspector). According to the Infrastructure Planning (Fees Regulations) 2010 (as amended) ? Regulation 6, the Pre-Examination Fee must be paid to the Planning Inspectorate before the date of the Preliminary Meeting. If no such payment has been received before the Preliminary Meeting, The Planning Inspectorate will not proceed with the application and the Preliminary Meeting will be postponed until the regulation 6 fee has been received.