Thames Tideway Tunnel

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Thames Tideway Tunnel

Received 25 April 2013
From Paul Dunbar


I want to express my complete objection to the use of the Carnwarth Road/Broomhouse area of Fulham for the siting of a major construction site in relation to the Thames Tunnel. This part of Fulham is now almost entirely residential, with many schools and young families and the noise, traffic and construction pollution that would arise from the construction site would be devastating for young people in this area. The riverbank in the south of Fulham is an area being regenerated by the local council and is no longer an industrial brown-field site as Thames Water's materials suggest. The use of this area for the construction site would severely restrict such regeneration for a whole generation.

There are numerous other areas which are not heavily populated (such as the wet lands in Barn Elms) which are far better suited to this type of construction.

I will take all possible legal steps in order to prevent the proposed construction in south Fulham and ask that the Planning Inspectorate direct Thames Water to use a less residential area for this construction.