The Sizewell C Project

Enquiry received via email

The Sizewell C Project

10 February 2017
Theberton and Eastbridge Action group on Sizewell (TEAGS)


Comments regarding the proposed Sizewell C Nuclear Power Station

Advice given

Thank you for your letter in relation to the proposed Sizewell C New Nuclear Power Station.
A copy of your correspondence has been placed on our records, however I would encourage you to contact the developer directly to make your concerns known as this project is at the pre-application stage and no application has yet been received by the Planning Inspectorate, therefore we can only accept your letter for information purposes.
If an application for development consent is formally accepted by the Secretary of State, you will be able to submit your views in relation to the project which will be considered by the Examining Authority during their examination.
The Planning Inspectorate has published a series of advice notes which explain the examination process, including information on how to get involved, of particular interest are advice notes 8.1 to 8.5, these are available at:
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