Rookery South Energy from Waste Generating Station

Enquiry received via email

Rookery South Energy from Waste Generating Station

12 May 2011
Neil Roy


Query regarding the Issue Specific Hearing to be held on 13th May 2011.
- What will be discussed?
- What is the duration of the Hearing?
- Are the public allowed to speak?

Advice given

An agenda for the Issue Specific Hearing will be published shortly. At the moment, I can tell you that the Hearing is scheduled to last from 10am -5pm and that it will be held in the Abbey Room of the Park Inn Hotel.
The Hearing is likely to be quite technical, with members of the Examining Authority (the IPC's Commissioners) questioning the applicant and relevant interested parties about the drafting of the Development Consent Order and the Section 106 Agreement which have been submitted. Members of the public are allowed to speak at the discretion of the Examining Authority. The Hearing will not be an opportunity to discuss general issues about the proposal.
You may be aware that several Open Floor Hearings have been arranged for the 5th and 6th July at the Forest Centre and at Stewartby Village Hall, details of which can be found on page 6 of the procedural decision letter: attachment 1 .
I hope that this is helpful, but please don't hesitate to come back to me if you have further queries.

attachment 1
attachment 1