Rookery South Energy from Waste Generating Station

Enquiry received via phone

Rookery South Energy from Waste Generating Station

15 November 2010
Natural England - Antony Mould


Mr Mould asked whether statutory consultees are registered as interested parties and whether a statutory consultee has to make representations on the prescribed form online.

Advice given

Further to our conversation on Friday 12th November concerning making a representation as a statutory consultee, I can confirm that Section 102 (1)(b) of the 2008 Planning Act (the Act) states that a person is by default an "interested party" if they are a statutory consultee.
The interpretation of the term relevant representation is stated in S102(4)(b) of the Act. A representation is a relevant representation if it is made in the prescribed form and manner set out in regulation 4 of The Infrastructure Planning (Interested Parties) Regulations 2010. The online form has been designed to take into account this regulation, therefore we would encourage you to use this form in making your representation. We would also encourage that at this stage you summarise your concerns limiting the wording to 500 words. Further opportunity will be provided to make a more detailed representation.