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Received 07 September 2018
From Environment Agency


Dear Sir/Madam


Environment Agency – Summary of relevant representations

This letter provides a summary of the relevant representations submitted on September 2018.

Code of Construction Practice (CoCP)

We welcome the various undertakings in the Outline CoCP to consult with the Environment Agency. We consider that this should be expanded to other activities and also be reflected in the Requirements. We request that Requirement 20 in the Draft Development Consent Order includes a requirement that for each phase a code of construction practice and associated pollution control plans are submitted to and approved by the Environment Agency prior to works on that phase.

Ground Conditions and Contamination

We concur with the proposed approach and protocol to address unexpected contamination and waste soils but further consideration should be given to the following:
• the impacts of mobilising existing contamination on excavation
• the sensitivity applied to unlicensed household water supplies
• more detailed assessment of potentially contaminated sites at Happisburgh, near North Walsham and Necton.
• the impacts on shallow wells in close proximity excavations

Water Resources and Flood Risk

We have made comment in respect of the following:
• crossing of Whitewater River and associated flood risk
• that excavated materials must not be stored in the floodplain

• shallow aquifer groundwater flow
• consultation on private water supplies
• monitoring schemes for pollution remediation and crossing schemes
• errors/omissions noted for Map.1.Bedrock and superficial aquifers, Bedrock geology maps and WFD Compliance Assessment table 20.2

Onshore Ecology

We have made comment in respect of the following:
• the presence of a Sand Martin colony close to a SSSI
• the importance applied to local and County wildlife sites
• advice regarding fish passage at open cut trenched sites

Consents and Licences required under other legislation

We have made comment in respect of the following:
• advice regarding environmental permits or disapplication required

Protective Provisions

The Applicant seeks to disapply various pieces of legislation (Article 43, Schedule 16, Part 7 of the draft Development Consent Order submitted with the application). We are currently considering our position in relation to the legislation which is relevant to the Environment Agency and the suggested draft protective provisions included in the draft DCO which accompanies the application. We will be responding to the Applicant on these issues in due course and will provide the Examining Authority with an update

We trust that these comments are useful.

Yours faithfully

Sustainable Places - Planning Specialist

Direct dial 020847 48010
Direct e-mail [email protected]

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