Norfolk Vanguard

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Norfolk Vanguard

Received 16 September 2018
From Christopher Dye


My concerns are:-
1/ The fragility of the cliff Vattenfall intends drills into.

2/ The damage to wildlife both marine and land.

3/ lose of amenities around the village ie footpaths; Beach; roads etc closed for an unspecified length of time.

4/ The environmental damage both marine and land. The dumping of tons of concrete into the sea and the desecration of grade 1 agricultural land all for a 25 year contract.

5/ The noise and light pollution that will arise from having an industrial site with heavy machinery working 24/7 etc in the village

6/ As a coastal village we need tourism, but will they want to come to an industrial site with no amenities.

7/ The health and welbeing of the residents of this village who live constantly with the knowledge of their homes being lost to coastal erosion.

Government Ministers;Politicians; Universities; Colleges and Schools; numerous survey teams including the BGS and Archaeologists from the British Museum all come to Happisburgh for very short lengths of time. They do not see or understand the effects of the catastrophic erosion which is occurring every second of every day as seen and experienced by the residents of this village which is down to many factors including vibration and heavy machinery. This is my overwhelming concern.