Norfolk Vanguard

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Norfolk Vanguard

Received 16 September 2018
From Wendy McNeil


The objection that I have to this proposed installation, is that having lived in the village of Holme Hale for the past 13 years it is the very rural nature of the area in which our village is situated and that of surrounding villages which appears not to have been taken into consideration when submitting the application to the inspectorate by Vanguard.

The consultation period which also included some meetings with local groups, individuals and Parish Councils did not once consider the way in which the installation would impact upon local communities and offered no alternative sites for consideration.

Having spoken to the person who purported to be an environmentalist at a meeting representing Vanguard, there was no understanding from the company of how visible the site would be to the rest of the communities as apart from the talk of planting to hide the site (which in my opinion looking at the present National Grid substation with similarly suggested planting would not hide the proposed Vanguard substation for at least 20 years, perhaps more, there was no intention of moving the substation to a more suitable location where it would not be viewed by local villagers.

Therefore my main objections are that no other sites were proposed and therefore we must assume that this site was chosen a long time ago, well before the community was advised of the proposed substation for Vanguard/Vattenfall and therefore the consultation period was flawed. Also that the rural nature in which the installation is to be sited is not suitable for purpose.