Norfolk Vanguard

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Norfolk Vanguard

Received 16 September 2018
From Georgie Armstrong


I am raising these points below as a local resident. I object to the planning application for the reasons outlined below;

Public Consultation Issues;
1. No alternative Sites were consulted on
2. Poor information on the National Grid Extensions
3. Stating no other suitable connection sites were possible; incorrect statement

The proposed sites themselves are completely unsuitable;
1. They will have a huge negative impact on the surrounding villages including Holme Hale, Ivy Todd, Little and Great Fransham, Necton and Bradenham; the negative impacts include noise, light pollution, and creating an eye sore
2. The road infrastructure will encourage accidents with the poor visual splay junctions onto the A47 which would be used

Environmental Impacts include soil damage, removal of established trees and hedges, disturbance of wildlife, all of which could be dramatically reduced if a marine cable to Walpole was the chosen route.

The proposal is in breach on Breckland Councils planning policy. It will certainly not be of a 'scale and design that respects the character and setting of a rural settlement'.

Suitable alternatives are available, in particular i refer to a Marine Cable connection around the coast into Walpole which would prevent the cable route coming 47km across the Norfolk countryside, and eliminating the need for new substations/expansions. It would also allow other wind farms to connect to it if it was to be moved to the Walpole route.