Norfolk Vanguard

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Norfolk Vanguard

Received 13 September 2018
From Health and Safety Executive


On the 6/8/18, I emailed Ruari Lean (Project Manager) to say that "I co-ordinate HSE’s NSIP responses and have been looking through the application documents on the PINs Website for Norfolk Vanguard but cannot find the specific location which addresses the points raised in the letter from HSE attached. Please could you point me in the right direction? I have looked through the Consultation Report and S42 response document, amongst others. I want to point out any specific responses to the points made by HSE to our Risk Assessors. We may need to raise a Relevant Representation otherwise but I wanted to check with you first".

As we have received no response, the points made under Section 42 of the Planning Act remain relevant:

"Will the proposed development fall within any of HSE’s consultation distances?

The table below illustrates the major hazard sites and pipelines which may be affected by the onshore elements of the Norfolk Vanguard offshore wind farm. The actual sites and pipelines will depend on the final route of the export cables.

HSE Ref. Site/Pipeline Operator Operator Ref. Site/Pipeline Name

7446 National Grid Gas 1705 5 Feeder Bacton to Yelverton
7450 National Grid Gas 1709 Bacton to Roudham Heath
8371 National Grid Gas 2648 Bacton to Kings Lynn Comp.
12238 National Grid Gas 2739 27 Feeder Bacton to Kings Lynn
7409 National Grid Gas 1668 East Dereham to Wells
8377 National Grid Gas 2654 Brisley to Bushey Common
7413 National Grid Gas 1672 Bushey Common to Saham Grove
7414 National Grid Gas 1673 Saham Grove to Swaffham

There are other, non-Major Hazard pipelines in the area (possibly operated by BPA and GPSS) that may also be affected by the proposed NSIP.

Would Hazardous Substances Consent be needed?

The presence of hazardous substances on, over or under land at or above set threshold quantities (Controlled Quantities) may require Hazardous Substances Consent (HSC) under the Planning (Hazardous Substances) Act 1990 as amended. The substances, alone or when aggregated with others, for which HSC is required, and the associated Controlled Quantities, are set out in The Planning (Hazardous Substances) Regulations 2015.

Hazardous Substances Consent would be required if the site is intending to store or use any of the Named Hazardous Substances or Categories of Substances and Preparations at or above the controlled quantities set out in schedule 1 of these Regulations.
Further information on HSC should be sought from the relevant Hazardous Substances Authority.

Explosives sites

There are no licensed explosive sites in the vicinity. However, there is a fixed rule licence for Maritime and Coastguard Agency North, Norfolk, Sector Base, Pollard Street, Bacton, Norfolk NR12 0LB. We are unable to make a decision until we know where the construction traffic will go and where the control station for the windfarm will be and if it will be manned. Please contact us via the email address above".