Norfolk Vanguard

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Norfolk Vanguard

Received 12 September 2018
From Stefan Flexen



My correspondence is regarding the Vanguard/Boreas substation proposed development. The site which is being proposed is too close to a 2000 strong community who has already seen one substation built. As an acoustic professional I have grave concerns over the sound and light levels which the residents will be subjected to and the future where there is a high likelihood that more will be built.

There are sites which would be more suitable in Scarning and Wendling. These sites are not located as close to residents but have the same infrastructure to pylons and is supported by the National Grid.

Necton is a thriving community with new developments and businesses choosing it as a prime location. This substation does not need to be built on the doorstep of this community and I would urge a rethink to developing a site further away.

Thank you,