Norfolk Vanguard

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Norfolk Vanguard

Received 11 September 2018
From Mr Paul King


My reasons for objecting to the construction of the Vattenfall substation at Necton are listed below:

1. My father tile drained this land where the proposed substation is to be built. I have personally worked this land and know it will not hold water having been tile drained every 22 yards. Therefore the water will run down and flood Ivy Todd which I have seen happen many times over the years causing risk to people and wildlife.
2. I have lived down [redacted] since 1950. It is very peaceful with wonderful open skies. It will be devastating to look out from our back garden to see an 70 foot construction looking down on me with maybe a second substation to come.
3. On December 11th 1996 a Danish F16 fighter jet crashed on the land which is due to be dug up by Vattenfall to build the substation. It has now come to light there could be a radioactive substance risk at the crash site if the land is disturbed. From a health point of view this is very worrying.
4. I am concerned about noise coming from the construction of the site and also the noise generated from it on completion.
5. The health risk associated with a magnetic field emitted from such a large substation.
6. On my land I run a 5 van caravan and motorhome club site. I am concerned the substation will have a negative effect on business. People will prefer not to holiday near a substation but choose a site elsewhere.
7. Devaluation of my property.