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Millbrook Power

19 March 2015
Millbrook Power Ltd - Nick Johnson


An extract from the draft Consultation Report was submitted by the applicant on Wednesday 19 March 2015. The extract deals with how the interrelationship between the proposed Millbrook power station and the Rookery South Resource Recovery Facility has been handled at the pre-application consultation stage.

Advice given

The Planning Inspectorate's advice is summarised below:
1.The applicant was advised to provide the ?information update to the local community? mentioned in paragraph 5.5.7 as an appendix to the Consultation Report.
2. The Inspectorate recommended that the proposal to seek to alter the Rookery South Order, through the insertion of protective provisions, is included in the next local community update (which the applicant is proposing to mail out shortly after the submission of the application). This document and information as to when it will be published / mailed to be included in the Consultation Report.
3. The applicant was advised to provide greater clarity in paragraph 5.5.7 that the inter-relationship between Millbrook power station and the Rookery South Resource Recovery Facility was addressed in the consultation material generally; however, the necessity for that Order to be amended was not expressly stated in the consultation material.
4. The Inspectorate suggested that the applicant provides a schedule of meetings / consultation with Convanta (the beneficiaries of the Rookery South Order) and the land owner which have specifically addressed the need to amend the Rookery South Order, including details of what has been provided to Covanta and the landowner.