Lake Lothing Third Crossing

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Lake Lothing Third Crossing

Received 24 September 2018
From Public Health England


Thank you for your consultation regarding the above development. Public Health England (PHE) welcomes the opportunity to comment on your proposals and Environmental Statement (ES) at this stage of the project.
Our records show that we have previously responded to the following enquiries/ consultations regarding this proposal:
• Request for Scoping Opinion dated 24 March 2017
• Section 42 consultation dated 5 September 2017

We have assessed the submitted documentation and wish to make the following comments.
1. We are generally satisfied with the proposed methodology and find that it is in line with current guidance and good practice.
2. We note the inclusion of an interim construction code of practice (CoCP), to be finalised with the contractor.
3. The promoter does not include a decommissioning environmental management plan (DEMP) and makes the observation that “environmental constraints in the mid-22nd century cannot be reasonably predicted, further consideration of decommissioning is not considered appropriate”. We note this and are broadly satisfied with the promoter’s rationale, as they note that material resources will largely consist of commonly used construction materials, specifically imported fill, aggregates, bitumen, reinforced concrete and steel as documented within Chapter 14 of the ES.
4. The current documentation includes no references to EMF emissions from the site. We recommend that the proposer:
a) Identify if the proposed development has electricity generation and/or distribution infrastructure that may result in the emission of electric and/or magnetic fields such that there is the potential for an adverse impact on public health. Where electricity generation and/or distribution equipment is identified an assessment of potential EMF exposures should be included.
b) Should the proposer believe that EMF can be scoped out of the assessments they should clearly state their assumptions and rationale in the application for DCO submission.

We reserve the right to make additional comments or observations at a future date.

Should you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us.

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