Lake Lothing Third Crossing

Enquiry received via post

Lake Lothing Third Crossing

17 December 2018
Jean Read


The enquirer asked why she had received correspondence from the Planning Inspectorate and made reference to potential claims for compensation.

Advice given

You have received a letter from the Planning Inspectorate inviting you to the Preliminary Meeting because the Applicant (Suffolk County Council) has identified you as a person who may be entitled to make a relevant claim as a result of the Development Consent Order being implemented.
Claims for compensation are dealt with outside of the Planning Act 2008 process and therefore do not fall within the remit of the Planning Inspectorate.
In order to make an enquiry about a claim for compensation, please contact Suffolk County Council directly using the details below:
Jon Barnard
Suffolk County Council
8 Russell Road
Tel. 01473 264279
Notwithstanding the issue of compensation, because you have been identified by Suffolk County Council on the basis described above, you have the right to participate in the Examination of the application for the Lake Lothing Third Crossing. Our letter confirming the Examination Timetable has been sent to you today under cover of a separate letter. Please do not hesitate to contact us again if you need advice about the decision-making process under the Planning Act 2008, and in particular the opportunities for you to engage.