Hornsea Project Three Offshore Wind Farm

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Hornsea Project Three Offshore Wind Farm

Received 20 July 2018
From Carter Jonas LLP on behalf of Saltcarr Farms Limited


Saltcarr Farms are owners of the land at Oulton Airfield, which is the proposed location of the applicant’s main construction compound for the project. As a landowner affected by the project, Saltcarr Farms wish to register as an interested party.

The applicant is currently in discussions with Saltcarr Farms regarding the project and heads of terms have been issued by the applicant’s agent, which we are considering.

The Onshore Order Limits Plan No. 35 shows the area of land for which temporary possession is proposed to be taken for ‘Works No. 13 Main Construction’, and ‘Works No. 14 Access’. Whilst Saltcarr Farms are willing to discuss terms for the temporary use of 7.5 acres of land, at present on these plans it is proposed to occupy land that will affect Saltcarr Farms ability to continue to farm their surrounding land. Saltcarr Farms require access to the straw barn on the western section of the old runway (included within the Onshore Order Limits) and require access to the fields immediately north and south, to be able to continue farming these areas, particularly given the occupation timescales that are proposed which we understand could be up to 10 years.

The Access to Works Plan No. 35 shows access off Oulton Street on to Oulton Airfield, which is Saltcarr Farms main access to their land. Saltcarr Farms would like to be consulted on potential traffic generation and any construction traffic management plan (CTMP) drafted for the site, as traffic will affect Saltcarr Farms continued use of their land and their relationship with the local residents.

An outline CTMP accompanies the DCO application (document reference number A8.2), which includes reference to wheel wash facilities if deemed necessary. Saltcarr Farms has an 850 sow pig breeding unit on the land adjacent to the runways and access road, which house High Health Status Herd pigs. These pigs are a high value product and a key revenue for Saltcarr Farms that is worth over £1 million per annum, and biosecurity is of paramount importance for the herds to maintain their value and to comply with strict contractual requirements. The project will bring additional risks of disease transfer (e.g. via vehicular traffic) that will need to be proactively managed. Saltcarr Farms are in discussions with the applicant about possible biosecurity measures and this will need to addressed and agreed in advance of the land being used by the applicant for construction purposes.

If a suitable mitigation plan cannot be agreed with the applicant Saltcarr Farms will need to consider the re-location of the pigs elsewhere at considerable cost and may also have knock on impacts for its supply contract.

There is a commercial solar farm development on the land immediately to the west, which is the subject of a lease and an option for an extension. The solar farm development land itself is not included in the Onshore Order Limits Plan but it does include the access to the solar farm development. It should be noted that the conditions of this lease and option for extension, including the occupier’s rights, will be required to be maintained. The inclusion of the access road within the DCO Order Limits will need to ensure that all existing rights are maintained and are not extinguished by exercise of the DCO powers. Otherwise this will lead to a breach in the terms of the agreements with the solar farm operator.

Saltcarr Farms reserve the right to amend or make further representations but in the meantime will continue negotiations with the applicant with a view to reaching a satisfactory agreement.