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East Anglia ONE North Offshore Windfarm

Received 24 January 2020
From Alan Collett


I wish to object to this planning application by Scottish Power Renewables for the following reasons:- • The irreparable damage to the countryside, the coastline, the local environment and to wildlife habitats is totally unacceptable at a time when we are being warned repeatedly about the impact on us all of the industrialisation and loss of such natural landscapes. • The impact on the local community is out of proportion to the benefits and is not an acceptable price to pay. • The traffic and noise pollution generated will damage people’s health and this in an area that is promoted by government bodies for health and recreation. • Years of investment in the tourism industry by the taxpayer and private individuals is at risk of being wasted as people stop coming to the area. This will damage the health, wealth and well-being of local people. • The assertion that this application will deliver ‘green energy’ is false as the associated destruction of the countryside and people’s way of life is not a sustainable or justifiable way to provide power to the UK. • There are alternative ways to deliver this energy that do not leave a legacy of damage to our countryside and way of life. Alan Collett