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East Anglia ONE North Offshore Windfarm

Received 05 January 2020
From Michael Trapp


I wish to make comments as set out below with regard to the planning application:- 1. As a result of the recent general election and the delay of the scheme for North Norfolk the whole planning application should be delayed until such time as matters can be resolved in a coordinated way. There is far too much going on with regard to other proposed schemes and this must be coordinated with the National Grid. If done properly it will save money. 2. Due to the fragility of the cliffs at Thorpeness it is dangerous to consider too much activity offshore. The damage that can be caused has been acknowledged by EDF from when they built Sizewell B power station and the effect that offshore work had on the erosion of the cliffs. 3. The proposed route for HGVs is unacceptable due to the restrictions in Aldeburgh. 4. There is no provision for controlling the workforce that will be needed for the project. There are no park-and-ride ride schemes planned for this project. 5. The cables to be laid to connect to the substation will cause a permanent blight on certain areas as it will be impossible to plant new trees over the route of the cables. There are other issues that could be raised such as the effect on the wildlife in the area and the detrimental effect to the tourist industry which is vital, but I will leave that for others to go through in more detail.