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A428 Black Cat to Caxton Gibbet Road Improvement scheme

Received 10 June 2021
From Rapleys on behalf of Mactaggart and Mickel


Mactaggart and Mickel (M&M) controls circa 55ha of land to the east of [] South, located to the south of Papworth Everard and to the north of the proposed Caxton Gibbett junction improvements. M&M is promoting the land for residential/ mixed-use development via the emerging Greater Cambridge Local Plan. The proposed Caxton Gibbett junction improvements are located less than 300m from the boundary of land controlled by M&M. In principle, M&M supports the implementation of an appropriate A428 Black Cat to Caxton Gibbet Road Improvement Scheme. However, M&M has the following comments to make via representations: • Further clarification is needed in relation to the design of the proposed shared use path connecting Papworth Everard to Cambourne West across the A428, notably the interaction between pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles at the proposed slip roads. These active travel routes will be crucial to ensure that residents living to the north of the A428 are not segregated from the amenities and services available within Cambourne • The application does not consider future growth scenarios associated with the emerging Greater Cambridge Local Plan (GCLP), which has a plan period of 2017 to 2040. The design of the junction should be future proofed to ensure that sufficient capacity exists to accommodate potential strategic growth options on the A428 corridor, which are being analysed through the preparation of the GCLP. • The assessment of the Cambourne junction to the east is not consistent with the assessment undertaken for the Caxton Gibbett junction. The latter has been subject to a strategic microsimulation model while the former has been subject to traditional capacity assessment. No explanation has been provided. • The application does not have regard to the emerging E-W rail proposals and potential new railway station at Cambourne. While the E-W scheme is at an early stage of development, the co-ordination of comprehensive strategic transport package in the locality is essential to safeguard strategic growth objectives associated with the Oxford-Cambridge Arc, the CPCA Strategic Economic Plan, and the Greater Cambridge Local Plan. • As part of the application consideration should be given to the opportunity to deliver strategic development to the north of the A428 and the south of Papworth Everard. Land proposed to be used for ‘borrow pits’ should be appropriately remediated to avoid sterilisation of the land for development.