Northampton Gateway Rail Freight Interchange

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Northampton Gateway Rail Freight Interchange

Received 21 July 2018
From Paul Marchant


I strongley object to Roxhills warehouse development on the following grounds:-

1. The significant road works that would be required to accomodate all the extra traffic would cause untold misery for local people. Even when all the construction work was completed, despite what the computer models say, major congestion would occur on the local road network during all the busy times of day. Myself and other small local firms would find it increasingly more difficult to operate out of Northampton.

2. Local companies already have great difficulty in recruiting staff due to the very low unemployment in the area. This proposal would totally destroy the local recruitment market for small firms.

3. No proper account appears to have been taken of the cumulative traffic impact of all the other housing and warehouse developments that are going on in the area, particularly along the A45. New housing is going up around Wootton with further housing being proposed there. Up to a thousand new houses are to be bult at Collingtree Park. New warehouses are being built at Brackmills and there is the new University campus at the Town Centre. All the traffic from these will feed onto the A45.
We also have the Rail Central warehouse proposal that would bring thousands of extra cars and trucks onto our already congested local roads

4.The massive earthworks (bunding) would be a major blot on the landscape. Looking through the plans there would seem to be many hundreds of mtrs. of this eyesore which would destroy the countryside views.

5. The fields in which it is proposed to put these warehouses are a haven for wildlife, particularly farmland birds. If this habitat is destroyed these birds will be lost forever.