Northampton Gateway Rail Freight Interchange

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Northampton Gateway Rail Freight Interchange

Received 19 July 2018
From Robert John Scott


The proposed development is ill thought out and unsuitable for the Blisworth - Milton Malsor area. There are many reasons the area is unsuited. These being outlined below.

1. There is a Rail Terminal DRIFT based near Daventry, this is under utilised and somewhat negates the necessity for a centre in Blisworth.

2. Plans have been submitted for a Rail Development in Luton, again this would negate a development in Blisworth.

3. There are empty Wharehousing units in the Northampton Area; Swan Valley, Brackmills and further North, near Lutterworth. There is already a plentiful supply in the area, further units being unnecessary.

4. The area has almost no unemployment. Many of the employees would require to be bussed in or driven from further afield. Unable to understand where the benefit for local people would come from.

5. The above would cause significant increases in traffic capacity, the propose alterations to roads and layout in the area would not greatly enhance the capacity. Road capacity at peak times is already vastly overstretched. Should the M1, or A43 become blocked there would be major problems with gridlocked traffic, as there are already . This seem to happen almost on a weekly basis. Road improvements in the Blisworth area would be of little or any improvement but would just increase bottlenecks in and around the village. I am aware that the junctions here would not permit traffic access but I feel sure that access would eventually be overlooked.

6. The area is very wet, almost marshy at times, run off from rain, on the many acres of roofs and hard standing would soon overwhelm any drainage planned.

7.The duration of the build would badly interfere with local traffic, causing blockages on the local Main Northampton Road, in Blisworth and Milton Malsor, these problems would run for many years, or at least until the development was completed. However I feel this would continue long afterwards as a major problem.

8. The height of these buildings is excessive and would be an eyesore in an area, classed as one of outstanding , local beauty.

9. Possible danger of chemical spills from establishments.

10. Decrease in propert prices, certainly this would be the case in the first few years. Many owners possibly finding that the new cost of thei property doesn't cover the cost of their original mortgage.

The best that coul happen would be for this plan to be forgotten. I am unable to think of a single benefit that this Development would bring, apart from lining the Developers pockets. Badly thought out and presented. My personal a pinion being the developers are hoping to hoodwink local residents. Not required and doubtful wether it ever would be.