Northampton Gateway Rail Freight Interchange

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Northampton Gateway Rail Freight Interchange

Received 17 July 2018
From Rory Fraser


Dear sir / madam ,

With the possibility of the development from south central rail drawing near , as a local resident, I would like to offer some of my primary concerns , why we as community are not equipped to deal with such a development.

Infrastructure:- despite Roxhill assurances , I am not convinced how the roads of Blisworth, Milton Malsor , Roade, and Collingtree will be able to manage the more than significant increase in traffic that Rail central will bring and when we consider this includes a massive rise in HGV,s it is extremely impractical with our current roads and dangerous to over already overburdened roads systems which are all laden with single vehicle access, blind /acute corners and week bridges where ,in blisworth alone, I could pin point half a dozen. Not to mention to hazards it would pose to the school children and pedestrians :- in short if you really need this this here you need a complete remapping of our roads system to reflect the enormity of your proposal .

Location :- the biggest perplexing factor in the Rc’s choice of location is the fact that we have one of the biggest strategic DRIFTS in the country with in a 20 miles radius at Daventry. Is this then a competitive business move on the part of Rc ? Rc point at growth and expansion as key factors here, but really what can SRC offer that daventry cannot ? Is the business growth forecast really that hinged on an extra 20 miles closer to our capital? Or the fact the freight rail links to the proposed Rc site will be a major contributor to its strategic success , when campaign group studies have shown this to be relatively insignificant contributor to Rc ‘s overall economical plan . I appreciate communities need growth , and this means jobs , but the short sighted vision of SRC’s longterm plan here cannot go unnoticed, and I suspect the location is not so“strategic” but more of a financial nature , where it’s development will see a few reap greatest benefit .

Environmentally:-Finally this desecration of our countryside would rip the hearts out of villages, and undoubtedly destroy our communities. This part of Northamptonshire prides it’s self on it’s beautiful surroundings, and close communities ties . I can’t think of anyway in this would be greater lost forever than a short sighted single move that’s environmentally and natural impacts will last an eternity..

Your sincerely