Northampton Gateway Rail Freight Interchange

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Northampton Gateway Rail Freight Interchange

Received 16 July 2018
From Charles Fox


I strongly object to the Northampton Gateway planning application on the following grounds:

• I live on a road, which is a cut through between the A5, via the Banbury Lane, to the A43. Whenever the M1 is blocked around junctions 15 and 16, there is an alarming increase in frustrated motorists driving past our house. This is before an extra 16,500 vehicles use the M1 after the RRI is complete.
• Our village is equidistant from Blisworth and Milton Malsor, the two villages to be despoiled by the introduction of the RRI. This will swallow up 520 acres of farmland that was classified between Good and Very Good in a survey produced by Natural England in 2010. Now Brexit has become a reality, we will have to rely less on imported food from Europe and more on our own produce, at the same time encouraging exports outside the EU.
• The plans for this development show that enormous warehouses will loom over the two villages destroying their identities.
• Our village will have to endure major disruption during the construction phase and will then be subject to continuous noise, light and air pollution as long as the RRI is in action 24/7.
• It seems absurd to contemplate this degree of devastation, when only 18 miles away, an effective RRI is in place with room for expansion.