Northampton Gateway Rail Freight Interchange

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Northampton Gateway Rail Freight Interchange

Received 13 July 2018
From Nicholas Bryans


I strongly object to this proposal on the following grounds,

The nearby DIRFT facility already meets the (supposed) need for an SFRI in this area, policy states there there be a small number of these, clearly only one is per target area, and it already exists (and even now is under capacity). The developers have already tried to build on this site and been refused, they are now trying again this time claiming the deveopment to be an SFRI this time. The lack of any need and previous attempt to build here witghout using the SFRI angle clearly indicates simple opportunism by Roxhill, using the SFRI angle to avoid local planning decisions (which this is entirely contrary to). Other supposed SFRIs by this developer are being used purely as hubs for road based freight.

The railway has very limited capacity to serve the proposed facility, being the very busy West Coast main line, a vital link for passengers from the Northwest, already at full capacity. If the facility ever actually does handle any rail freight I expect that additonal nightime movements will be required, with disturbance to residents living near the railway all along the route. Sleep disturbance is problematic for human health.

The immediate area west of the M1 is currenly open countryside, a critcal 'green lung' mitigating the effects of pollution from the M1 on the surrounding villages. Not only will this mitigation be lost but pollution will be far worse due to the extra vehicle movements, which will come from road freight legs and, crucially, workers at the site many oif whom will almost certainly travel from some distance as the workforce required is simply unavailable locally. Again this will lead to onceared pollution and road movements is therefore is in direct conflict with the fundamental aims of the SRFI policy.

The damage to the local wildlife environment will be huge, a number of key wildlife sites are directly threatened and widlife will be extinguished. The meadows & woods either side of the railway line provide a home and movements corridor for many species (insects, birds, bats, deer), the proposed Roade bypass (and construction activity) will devastate a widlife rich (and rare) piece of meadow, this is a true wildfile hotspot and nothing quite like it exists for miles around. We can expect to see a huge reduction in the current numbers of all the species using this. The absurdity of this level of environmental destruction in the name of 'the environment' is quite clear to me.