Northampton Gateway Rail Freight Interchange

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Northampton Gateway Rail Freight Interchange

Received 12 July 2018
From Susan Sumpton


I strongly object to to this proposal on the following grounds:-

1. The M1 currently provides a barrier between town and countryside, the building of a vast industrial estate in open countryside would lead to further development and destroy this important green gap in the built environment.
2. There is almost no unemployment in the local area so the vast majority of employees at the proposed site would have to travel a considerable distance to get to work. Not only would this defeat the objective of getting traffic off the roads but lead to a large increase in traffic on the local road network. The whole area around Northampton already suffers from severe congestion at certain times of the day and during times of problems on the M1.
3. A major concern for myself and many other local residents is the proposal to make the Courteenhall Road/A508 junction a no right turn junction. In order to get to the Roade library, doctors or Village Hall people from Milton would have to travel through the centre of Blisworth where parked cars on Stoke Road particularly outside the Surgery makes this difficult and dangereous.
4. My main objection to this proposal is the loss of our local footpath between Milton Malsor and Collingtree. This path currently runs through totally open countryside and enjoys great views. The proposed diversion has no merit whatsoever simply running alongside Collingtree Road or the M1. There would be no views to enjoy and the noise from the traffic on the M1 would make it impossible to have a conversation. This diversion is so bad that it would be a waste of time as no one would ever use it.