Northampton Gateway Rail Freight Interchange

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Northampton Gateway Rail Freight Interchange

Received 04 July 2018
From Declan John Waters


The proposed Gateway development south of the M1 (near Northampton) has a number of significant issues which mean it should not be approved by the Planning Inspectorate.

Rail Depot already at Daventry - There is a railway warehouse depot already at Daventry which is 25 minutes north of the proposed location in rush hour conditions. Two locations this close to each other, using the same railway line(s) from London would add significant and unnecessary redundancy

Rail Capacity is already at high levels in the area and this will be worsened as Milton Keynes grows, and more people require travel on the line from London to Northampton

Road Capacity on the M1 junction, the A508 and the A5/A508 roundabout is already significantly over 100% of capacity, and taking account of the growth of housing in Northampton, Milton Keynes and Roade will increase further without the warehousing. The capacity calculations of the developers are incorrect, and do not take account of other developments and the capacity of the roads in the area. The A508 is also the diversion route for the M1 between Northampton and Milton Keynes and when this is required current traffic loads cause 'chaos' throughout the region.

Unemployment in the area is one of the lowest in the country and the location of the warehouse is not within walking distance of any housing. As such all employees would need to drive to the location causing additional traffic loads not included by the developers.

There is no solution to the 30mph through Grafton Regis. Drivers already routinely speed through this village, and the road through the village can't be treated by pedestrians or cyclists as a 30mph zone.

The solution to the Roade A508 (bypass) is inappropriate as the village has already filled all the brownfield sites with housing and grown significantly in size. A bypass would enable developers to 'fill' the gap between current housing and the new bypass which would destroy the character of the village, and make it too large for the amenities currently present. As well as the significant number of new homes Roade (and surrounding villages) have already agreed to have a wind farm installed (fully built and operational now).

Building south of the M1 would be the first building of Northampton south of this boundary and would significantly impact the independence of the villages in the area. This would likely encourage other building in the area causing further issues, the 'creep' of Northampton and the eventual destruction of Milton Malsor, Blisworth, and Roade.

The developers are proposing a 10 year building process and warehouses which do not link with the railway lines. This will have a huge adverse impact on the local area, economy - due to delays and damage to the roads, with no benefit to the local community (due to the low unemployment rate), or local businesses (due to the distance to local amenities).