Northampton Gateway Rail Freight Interchange

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Northampton Gateway Rail Freight Interchange

Received 04 July 2018
From Michael O'Leary


I object to this application which goes against the local plan which shows the site being retained as farmland farmland and open countryside and not for industrial development. This plan was drawn up by our local council and has majority support.

I object to the environmental impact this development would have - the destruction of the local footpath network, the loss of open countryside and the destruction of wildlife habitat. Further, I object to the 'bunding' - offered as some sort of solution when, in fact it will only make a bad situation worse.

I object to the 24 hour operation being proposed. Not only will the operation of the terminal bring its own light, noise and machine/train/railway shunting disturbance to a hitherto quiet rural area but also the flow of traffic of the workforce - a workforce the majority of which would come from outside the area given the current high level of employment locally - not to mention HGVs and other servicing vehicles which traffic will increase air pollution and road/traffic congestion.

I object to the fact that we are facing the imposition of a rail freight terminal when the existing terminal - the Daventry International Rail Freight Terminal still has capacity for expansion for, I believe, at least ten years.

I object to the loss of farmland - the more so when it seems quite clear that the need to produce more of our own food - rather than importing it - is becoming increasingly important in this changing world,

Finally, I object the despoiling of our countryside with hugely ambitious and damaging developments - such as this promises to be - which have little or no benefit to the local community who will suffer the consequences, whilst developers can simply move on.