Northampton Gateway Rail Freight Interchange

The views expressed in this page do not represent those of the Planning Inspectorate. This page consists of content submitted to the Planning Inspectorate by the public and other interested parties, giving their views of this proposal.

Northampton Gateway Rail Freight Interchange

Received 01 July 2018
From Kirk Trewin


In my opinion this approval should not be granted! There are a number of key factors that should be taken into account before making his decision. These are:

1) increase of road traffic in the immediate area which will make the surrounding villages become “rat runs” more than they are now. This proposes a serious risk to village residents.
2) local pollution caused by noise, light, vehicle emissions, vibration and generally to the local area by the building of such large industrial units in a non industrial area
3) DIRFT already offers this facility only 12 miles away so why not simply expand on this as it has the same road networks and rails track access as what’s proposed here? Hasn’t the area already contributed to “National Sognificance” by provinding and living with this facility without adding to it?
4) Utterly ruining the area that we live in by joining traditional and small villages together in such a brutal and industrial manor all for the sake of profit and “business progression”

These are just a few of my thoughts.