Northampton Gateway Rail Freight Interchange

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The selection shows documents received from the applicant in relation to the development consent order application.

Size: 5 MB
Doc 6.5A - Summary of Proposals (Dec 2016)
Summary of Proposals (Dec 2016)
Size: 2 MB
Doc 7.2 - Drainage SoCG with Northamptonshire County Council
Statement of Common Ground Drainage (Northamptonshire County Council)
Size: 5 MB
Doc 6.3 - Report on European Sites
Report on European Sites
Size: 404 KB
Doc 6.2 - Statutory Nuisance Statement
Statutory Nuisance Statement
Size: 1 MB
Doc 7.3 - Geology Soil and Groundwater SoCG with EA SNDC NCC and NE
Statement of Common Ground Geology Soil and Groundwater: (Environment Agency, South Northamptonshire District Council, Northamptonshire County Council, Natural England)
Size: 545 KB
Doc 6.4 - Heads of Terms - Planning Obligations
Heads of Terms - Planning Obligations
Size: 2 MB
Doc 6.5B - Short Explanatory Document (Oct 2017)
Short Explanatory Document (Oct 2017)
Size: 7 MB
Doc 6.10 - Existing Highway Orders
Existing Highway Orders
Size: 608 KB
Doc 7.1 - Transport Statement of Common Ground with Highways England
Statement of Common Ground Highways (Highways England)
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