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What happens next

Registration closes on Thursday 21 October 2021 at 23:59

Once the Applicant has published and notified people of an accepted application, the Planning Inspectorate has approximately three months to prepare for the Examination. During this Pre-examination stage, you will be able to register to become an Interested Party on the application by making a Relevant Representation. You will always have at least 28 days to register with us*.

View the acceptance letter.

An Examining Authority will now be appointed to examine the application. All Interested Parties and other statutory bodies will be notified of the appointment after it has been made.

When to register:

  • The date when you can start to register will be published in the box at the top of this page. We will tell you when the registration period ends in the same place.
  • When registration begins, a link will appear at the top of this page where you will be able to register online.

During the Pre-examination stage, you will be able to:

  • View the application documents on this project page (or contact us to find out where these can be viewed locally).
  • Provide your views in writing via the Relevant Representation form available on this project page, or by post, at the appropriate time.
  • Read the views of all who have registered to have their say on this application.
  • Attend the Preliminary Meeting.

*If The Infrastructure Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulations 2017 apply, this period is 30 days.

Timeline (7 items)

Registration of interested parties begins
09 September 2021

The Applicant has submitted a number of documents in response to advice made following our Acceptance decision. These documents have been published.

If you have any questions please contact us [email protected]


13 August 2021

This application has been accepted and will be examined by the Planning Inspectorate.

You can have your say on the application during the next few months. Keep an eye out for the relevant representation period, this is when you can register your details and make your comments. See our advice notes, and particularly Appendix 8.2

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03 August 2021
Read the letter

The application has been accepted for examination

02 August 2021
Decision on whether or not to accept the application for examination
02 August 2021

The application documents have been published to help you become familiar with the proposal. If the application is accepted you will be able to register and express your views during the Relevant Representation stage and the Examination stage. Further detail on the process is provided in Advice Note 8.2.

23 July 2021
Application received by the Planning Inspectorate
05 July 2021