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Representations received regarding A303 Stonehenge

The list below includes all those who registered to put their case on A303 Stonehenge and their relevant representations.

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Ann Jessop
"I am horrified that the proposed roadworks will destroy so much precious archaeology of international importance. Going ahead risks loosing the World Heritage status. It is a unique landscape and should never be detroyed for a few yards of tarmac, surely an alternative can be found to this politically motivated idea.or does this route mean that some wealthy friend of the Tories will not be disturbed! "
Anne Ryan
"Please be mindful that future generations MUST have access to all the archaeological material in and underneath stone henge.......,without us having disrupted the area. Also Stonehenge is an area of world heritage importance.......we must not be the ones to ruin the area. As a family we use the A303."
Bill Riley
"My representation relates solely to the proposed changes to public rights of way. There should be no discrimination, i.e. no user group should be favoured above another. In particular, there should be no fragmentation of the Byway Open to All Traffic (BOAT) network. Meaning that where a BOAT is currently connected to another BOAT or vehicular highway, by the A303 or another public carriageway, they will continue to be so connected after the completion of the scheme. A specific example: Amesbury BOATs 11 and 12 must continue to be connected by a vehicular highway, and it would be illogical not to use the line of the closed A303."
Christopher David
"I am against the proposed scheme in the application. Stonehenge and the area around it are such important parts of our universal world heritage, and there is still so much unknown and undiscovered in the site, that even the smallest chance of damage to any part of the site or the area should preclude the activity posing such a risk. It cannot be stated with absolute certainty that the proposal in the application will not damage known or yet undiscovered parts of the site. Therefore, the application should be rejected in the interests of protecting the site and the common heritage of humankind which it embodies."
Christopher Evans
"I believe the site of Stonehenge is a priceless archaeological and spiritual national treasure that should never be damaged by any civil engineering 'road works' of any sort - underground or overground. The site has already been damaged by careless workers and this should cease immediately."
David Hassett
"I consider that it is vital for several reasons that this scheme, to upgrade the Stonehenge Section of the A303 & additionally providing a bypass for Winterbourne Stoke,goes ahead without further impedance."
Edith Rogerson
"Dear Madam/Sir, Having travelled along the A303 many times in the past and on a regular basis, I cannot agree to having this area of haunting beauty destroyed even more than it is already. The thinking behind a tunnel -making the destruction invisible by taking it under-ground - should never have been considered in the first place. Approaching Stonehenge from the East along the A303 should be via a dual lane carriage way with plenty of parking at the top of the hill, and a new road, also dual carriage leading the other way, i.e.to the East, should be constructed and leading around Stonehenge in a big loop. In other words, split the A303 about 1 or 2 miles before reaching Stonehenge. Anybody wishing to visit the site coming from the West would have to approach Salisbury (Sarum) and turn into the A303 on top of the hill and proceed in a westerly direction past Stonehenge. Also, the parking at the site could be moved away, and in particular the shockingly ugly and mean visitor entrance and facility should be re-designed. Faithfully Edith Rogerson M.A. "
Elizabeth Forbes
"My main objection to the proposal is that both portals to the tunnel are inside the World Heritage Site. This is particularly damaging in the case of the Western portal. Furthermore, in my view Highways England have not adequately addressed this issue in that they have dismissed the possibility of locating the portal outside the WHS without providing any evidence of their reasons for so doing."
Elizabeth Hart
"I am concerned that the planned route and the way the road will be built, with too short a tunnel and a flyover that will be visible for miles around, will be: detrimental to the site, detrimental to the surrounding area, damaging to other archaeological remains near Stonehenge, damaging to Amesbury Abbey and Park, and is contrary to the advice already received. All of this could well cause the designation of the site as a World Heritage Site to be lost. The Planning Inspectorate and this country has a legal obligation to protect World Heritage Sites in this country. "
Harry Shearer
"As a member of the (admittedly fictitious) rock band Spinal Tap, whose performance of the song "Stonehenge" has become internationally known, I have an emotional connection to the place, to its historic importance, and to the importance of preserving it for future generations--at least of Tap fans. I am part of a fictional band, Spinal Tap, created for the movie This Is Spinal Tap. In that guise, we've had a long-standing connection with Stonehenge which culminated in the band's visit to the monument following our 2009 show at Glastonbury. The act of standing near the stones and enjoying the silence of the site would be severely depreciated by the existence, and sound, of a nearby motorway. I should think this internationally-known monument would be deserving of more respect than this!"