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Representations received regarding Manston Airport

The list below includes all those who registered to put their case on Manston Airport and their relevant representations.

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Alan Church
"I am strongly in support of reopening Manston as an airport ! I moved to the area 9 years ago knowing the airport existed - it has been here for nearly 100 years and could provide an invaluable asset to the area and airfreight to the UK as a whole - the local industries that would benefit from its expansion must not be overlooked especially as the alternative use for the site is not practical for the already over stretched isle of thanet "
Alan Lee
"We have a massive runway that is just being wasted with plenty of room to make it a state of the art modern airport that will benefit the British Economy, and the whole of the South East just at a time when we most need it. We have the channel ports right on our doorstep ,easy access to road and rail. Time and again it has been proven that the vast majority of local people see the potential and have grown up with an airport and fully support this once in a lifetime opportunity to move forward with trade and employment while respecting the past One must also see the massive benefits an airport would bring to any business trading worldwide that move`s here."
Alan Michael Stuart
"I own property in Thanet and wish to object to the building of any housing on the Manston Airport site. The greater surface area of Manston is not a brownfield site. The development of the un-surfaced areas would detract from the Thanet as a whole. Further there is insufficient local industry to support large scale private housing without the full development of Manston Airport as a fully licensed commercial airport for both passenger and freight transport. Thanet enjoys well used transport links to the capital, but these cannot sustain the increase in load that would be required. It would be necessary to develop high speed rail links to the capital and also increase the capacity of both the M2 and the A299 if the airport was to expand to the point of being considered as an alternative to the existing airports serving London. That Manston is one of the widest runways in Europe and one of the longest in the UK represents a structure which should be developed to function as a primary point of arrival and departure for the UK. The population of Kent is approaching two million people, 4% of the population of England, that population should have access to an International airport that easily is accessible without having to access and circumnavigate the congested London peripheral motorways."
Allan Jones
"I have lived in Downs Road Ramsgate, since 1976 and have lived close to the flightpath to Manston Airport. It has always been until very recently an active airport with great proximity to the continent and markets abroad. My family used it on many occasions when EUJet were operating to fly to various places. It was a perfect airport for people living close with none of the delays experienced at other major airports. Sadly the airline failed but the Dutch line KLM flew to Amsterdam and then beyond and was doing well until the airport was sold and then closed completely. Many jobs were lost and Thanet lost one of its lifelines. The passenger side was quite subsidiary to the freight side of the operation but this went also. News that the DCO has been accepted is wonderful as Thanet, and the rest of the country, so needs Manston as an operational airport. The location is perfect and can take off so much of the pressure on freight flights into the major airports of the south east at a time when capacity is under pressure. Thanet is a relatively poor area(like many coastal areas) with high unemployment. Having a fully operational airport back at Manston would bring a much needed boost regarding employment, as real jobs would be created. These are so necessary in this area. The increased freight traffic would also help to bring prosperity to the region with the strong likelihood that passenger flights would quickly follow with all the benefits that would bring. I fully support Manston becoming an airport once again."
Allan Tudor
"I am opposed to the plans to reopen Manston Airport as a freight hub . I have lived under the flight path for 38 years and have seen many companies come and go . Not only do I think it that it would devastate the entire area with noise and air pollution, but I also think that like so many efforts before , it will eventually unsustainable after millions of pounds has been wasted. There is a perfectly acceptable housing development planned for the site witch the council has tried its hardest to scupper . The councillors constantly tell us of overwhelming support for the scheme. I beg to differ , there is actually overwhelming condemnation of the airport hub . I hope this outlines my feelings and why I would like to be involved . Allan Tudor ."
Andrew Brown
"I am in support of the reopening of Marston airport, I feel that this will provide quality long term employment to an area where this is needed, I also believe that the use of The runway for mainly cargo will reduce the pressure off other London airports and bring substantial financial gain to the uk and local economies "
Andrew Spencer-Jones
"I support the application because I believe that keeping Manston as an aviation hub will bring with it both investment in Thanet and the opportunity for work in an area which has limited opportunity. There is also the obvious reason that Manston is already there and has been an airfield for many years. Greater airfield capacity is needed in the south of England and the expansion of existing airfields like Heathrow and Gatwick can not be completed without the loss of many homes and villages in their surrounding areas."
Andrew Wilby
"I am a UK CAA licensed Civil Air Traffic Control Officer. At the time of the closure of Manston Airport in May 2014, I held Unit Licence Endorsements in Tower and Approach for Manston, having worked there since 2009. I was made redundant on closure and spent a difficult period out of Air Traffic Control looking for suitable employment. While I secured a post in March 2017, I still consider that this closure has been something of a professional and personal disaster. I have retained my house in Ramsgate – my current role far from “home” sees me in rented accommodation. I have followed closely the DCO process in the hope that this project will be approved and my skills might once again be used at Manston for the great good of aviation and the local economy. It is thus obvious that I have a strong professional interest in the project. It was clear to me before the closure that Manston had not been subject to appropriate investment. This lead to frustrating and unacceptable operational delays. The Applicant’s proposals have taken this into account and I can confirm that several rather technical ATC issues have been addressed in their plans. In order to secure employment, I have had to accept a post that does not use one of my ATC ratings. I am quite shocked that a nearly 3km long runway, 61m wide in the SE of the UK could potentially be allowed to be lost to aviation. "
Andrew Wilson
" Economic growth local and nationally; Aviation and logistics are a generator for growth and connectivity. Employment; the aviation industry is a multi-disciplined employer requiring a breadth of skills. Education; Aviation generates the requirement for the necessary skills to operate within the industry. Social Welfare and Wellbeing; the on-going investment and incomes from the industry have an indirect effect on the wider community to provide the necessary uplift to regenerate impoverished areas. "
Angela O
"As a long-term resident of Thanet, I am concerned about the high levels of unemployment and the lack of opportunity for our young people, who are leaving the island in droves. An airport plus ancilliary services will offer the opportunities for our young people to stay in the place they were born and raised and support their own families. The alternative, which is the building of what is, effectively, a whole new town at the airport site would seriously compromise an infrastructure which is already under a great deal of pressure. Quite simply, I want prosperity and dignity for our Island and it's people again... Thank you ."