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M25 junction 10/A3 Wisley interchange improvement

Received 26 July 2019
From Helen Jefferies


I have two principal concerns which are in part inter-related. In my opinion insufficient attention has been paid to the traffic on local roads specifically Ockham Road North and Portsmouth Road Ripley. I understand that these roads are under the jurisdiction of Surrey County Council but the majority of traffic is either exiting the A3 or joining the A3 at Ockham park. My second concern relates to Air Quality and the impact of the additional vehicles on the A3 north of Ockham Park and the impact on the Thames Basin Heath Special Protection Area. Case law prevents projects which add to pollution and it also prevents counting improvements in emissions before the emissions have improved. Secondly, the impact of the routing of the 1,000,000 cars which visit the RHS at Wisley annually, 600,000 of which are likely to use Portsmouth Road Ripley to access the A3 South - air quality monitors on this road already show readings in excess of legal limits and I do not understand how this project helps us to meet AQ standards in any shape or form