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Registration and Relevant Representation form

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AQUIND Interconnector
Planning Inspectorate Reference: EN020022

About this form

In this form, words in italics have specific meanings in the Planning Act 2008 process, which are explained in this Glossary of terms.

By completing this form you are registering to become an Interested Party to take part in the Examination of the above application for development consent which has been submitted to the Planning Inspectorate (on behalf of the Secretary of State). You can become an Interested Party if you make a Relevant Representation, however your Representation will only be relevant if you make it on time and you answer all of the mandatory fields on this form. For further information please read Advice Note 8.2: How to register to participate in an Examination.

The Planning Inspectorate will accept registrations made in Welsh. You may either submit your answers in Welsh in the form below or use the Welsh form which is available on our translated website. Alternatively, a hard copy Welsh form can be requested from our Helpdesk.

When completing this form, please refer to the corresponding notes for each section.

Data protection

Details published on our website will be restricted to your name and the text of your Representation. Please read our Privacy Notice on GOV.UK which explains how we will store and use your data.

  1. About you and anyone you may be representing

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    Only one person or organisation can become an Interested Party per form. Each Interested Party needs to be registered with their own form.
    Personal Details



    Organisation details


    Contact details of the person or organisation you are representing


    Agent or representative contact details (these details will be used for correspondence)


    The Planning Inspectorate aims to communicate with people by email wherever possible, as electronic communication is more environmentally friendly and cost effective for the Planning Inspectorate as a government agency, given the volume and frequency of letters it needs to send to Interested Parties during an Examination. Therefore, if you provide an email address we will use this. You can change your mind later provided you give us seven days’ notice, either in writing or by email.
  2. Your Representation

    The Planning Act 2008 process is primarily a written examination process and if you are registered as an Interested Party you will have an opportunity to make a Written Representation about the application when the Examination begins.

    In this form, your Representation must include an outline of the principal submissions you intend to make in relation to the application. You cannot reserve a right to make a representation later without providing an outline of the points you intend to submit at this stage.

    Please note that your Representation must not include material:

    • that is vexatious or frivolous
    • about compensation for Compulsory Acquisition of land or of any Interest in or right over land
    • about the merits of policy set out in a designated National Policy Statement.

    The information you include in the ‘Your Representation’ section of this form will be used by the Examining Authority to carry out their Initial Assessment of Principal Issues and to decide the best way to examine the application.

    Here you must provide an outline of the main points you intend to make in relation to the application. Failure to provide this will mean that we are unable to register you as an Interested Party. Please aim to limit this section to no more than 500 words.

    Your Representation

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When your form has been sent you will receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive a confirmation email then please check your Junk Email/Spam folder or contact the Planning Inspectorate giving your name, your postcode and the name of the project.