Keuper Gas Storage Project

Enquiry received via email

Keuper Gas Storage Project

29 March 2016
Wirral MBC - Sara Millington


Email received from Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council in response to the ?Rule 8? letter, giving details of procedural decisions following the Preliminary Meeting and the timetable for examination of the application:
?This is not our area?

Advice given

The reason we have sent this letter to you is because under the 2008 planning act your council is a statutory consultee for this project. The Planning inspectorate is therefore obliged to issue this letter to you.
If the council does not wish to engage with the process, you do not have to do anything further and your council will lose its status as an statutory party after deadline 1 (13 April 2016).
I would also like to add that the Inspectorate are obliged to notify your council if there is any changes to the timetable, when the examination closes and when the Secretary of State for Energy and climate Change has issued her decision regarding the application.
Please see advice note two: The role of local authorities in the development consent process which explains your role in the process.