York Potash Harbour Facilities Order

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The filtered list shows documents relating to the decision for the development consent order.

Development Consent Order as made by the Secretary of State (PDF, 623 KB)
The Development Consent Order made by the Secretary of State
Examining Authority’s Recommendation Report (PDF, 2 MB)
Examining Authority's Recommendation Report including the following Appendices; The Examination, Examination Library, List of Abbreviations, Recommended DCO - submitted to the Secretary of State for Transport 20 April 2016
Notice of the Decision by the SoS (Reg 23) (PDF, 109 KB)
Secretary of State’s Decision Letter and Statement of Reasons (PDF, 215 KB)
Secretary of State’s Decision Letter which includes the Statement of Reasons and Habitats Regulations Assessment
Post Examination Correspondence (PDF, 8 MB)