A19 / A184 Testos Junction Improvement

Enquiry received via email

A19 / A184 Testos Junction Improvement

11 January 2018
Northern Gas Networks - David Turner


Having reviewed your hearing agendas I wish to raise an issue best discussed in your Issue Specific Hearing (ISH). However at this moment in time I don’t believe my attendance at this meeting is required.
Northern Gas Network own and operate a 12” steel intermediate pressure gas main that crosses the roundabout I believe you are carrying out work. (att is our plans)
We treat our IP pipelines with the same safety protocols as our HP assets which insist that all work carried out in proximity to this pipeline is subject to NGN procedure SSW22 which I have also attached. This includes supervision of work within 3m of the pipeline.
Have you/your other consultees considered our pipeline and discussed this with any other member of NGN such as our diversions team/major projects? (if you are planning to divert)
Please can you present to me the scope of your works and how this will affect our asset. I am happy to arrange a site meeting, free of charge, with one of our pipeline technicians to discuss the projection of our pipeline should you wish?

Advice given

Firstly, Highways England (the Applicant) has submitted an application under Section 37 of the Planning Act 2008 (PA2008) for an order to grant development consent (a DCO) for the A19/A184 Testos Junction Improvement scheme. The application is currently being examined by the Planning Inspectorate on behalf of the Secretary of State for Transport (SoST). Therefore, I recommend you contacting Highways England directly with regards to the scope of the works.
As you are unable to attend the hearings next week to address your concerns set out in your email below to the Applicant, would you like the Examining Authority (ExA), appointed on behalf of the SoST to examine the application, to address these concerns to the Applicant? There is scope to accept your email as an ‘Additional Submission’ in order to refer to it during the Compulsory Acquisition Hearing (CAH1) scheduled for 18 January 2018, when addressing Statutory Undertakers provisions of the PA2008.
If you do wish for your concerns to be brought to the ExA’s attention, please advise if you wish to submit them again in a more formal letter or are happy for your email to be used.