A1 in Northumberland – Morpeth to Ellingham

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A1 in Northumberland - Morpeth to Ellingham

Received 20 May 2021
From The Woodland Trust


Thank you for the opportunity to submit comment on the Material Changes Request by the applicant. The Woodland Trust has reviewed the proposed changes with respect to impacts to ancient woods and trees, and our position is as follows. Change 2 We note that the proposed stabilisation works are to be undertaken to correct potential stability issues with the existing A1 bridge crossing, as well as to ensure the safety of the new bridge. We are concerned about the loss of an additional 0.28 hectares of unmapped ancient woodland that these works will require. Whilst the Trust does not object to any proposed works that are necessary to address issues of health and safety, we ask that the applicant explores all potential options that would ensure the safety of the existing and new bridges while avoiding loss of ancient woodland. Change 3 We recognise that change 3 (Southern Access Works) will result in less vegetation clearance required from Dukes Bank Wood SSSI. We hope our comments are of use to you.