Norfolk Vanguard

Enquiry received via email

Norfolk Vanguard

14 September 2017
Katie Taylor


There is a lot of deep mistrust of Vattenfall's reference to the standards/guidelines relating to visuals/graphics being used to 'demonstrate' the impact of the Norfolk Vanguard on shore installations. We were told that guidance was being adhered to. We believe they are referring to Scottish guidelines. Can you help us out here?

Advice given

The Applicant has notified the Planning Inspectorate of its intent to submit an Environmental Statement (ES) with their applications for these projects. In their scoping report for both projects (available on our website), the Applicant set out their proposed approach to assessing potential landscape and visual impacts and the guidelines they intend to utilise. This includes:
- The Landscape Institute with the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (2013). Guidelines for the Assessment of Landscape and Visual Impacts. Third Edition;
- Landscape and Seascape Character Assessments published by Natural England and the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (2014);
- An Approach to Landscape Character Assessment (2014). Natural England;
- Scottish Natural Heritage (2012). Assessing the Cumulative Impact of Onshore Wind Energy Developments;
- Scottish Natural Heritage (December 2014). Visual Representation of Wind Farms: Version 2.1; and
- The Landscape Institute (2011). Landscape Institute Advice Note 01/11, Photography and photomontage in landscape and visual impact assessment.