Medworth Energy from Waste Combined Heat and Power Facility

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The list below contains submissions received by the Planning Inspectorate between the acceptance of the application and the start of the examination but which were not able to be treated as relevant representations (under section 102 of the Planning Act 2008) because they were submitted after the published deadline or did not contain all of the mandatory information or were not in the prescribed form. Because those submissions were not able to be treated as relevant representations, the people who made those submissions were not registered as interested parties for the purpose of the examination. The list also includes additional evidence or documents received during the examination outside the deadlines specified in the examination timetable issued in the Rule 8 letter at the start of the examination.

Cambridgeshire County Council (PDF, 4 MB)
Additional Submission - Letter from Cambridgeshire County Council in relation to Applicant’s Non Material Amendment Request, accepted at the discretion of the Examining Authority