Lake Lothing Third Crossing

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Lake Lothing Third Crossing

Received 21 September 2018
From Carter Jonas LLP on behalf of Cara Robinson


Carter Jonas act on behalf of Cara Robinson and we write to register her as an Interested Party in the application for the Lake Lothing Third Crossing (Lowestoft) Development Consent Order (the ‘Application’).

Ms Robinson is the owner of the freehold interest in Bellablue Beauty Salon, Waveney Drive, Lowestoft, NR33 0TN (Bellablue), which is identified in the Application for compulsory acquisition (Plot 5-22). Ms Robinson runs her business, Bellablue Nails and Beauty Limited from the Property.

Ms Robinson lives with her family in their house immediately neighbouring Bellablue, [redacted] (freehold ownership). Living adjacent to her work place enables Ms Robinson a balance between earning her livelihood on flexible working hours and being present and available to support her family. We had understood that no part of Ms Robinson’s house were included in the application boundary, however on review of the Book of Reference in the Application we note that 6 square meters are identified for compulsory purchase (plot reference 5-33).

If the Applicant is granted compulsory purchase powers to acquire Bellablue, Ms Robinson will need to find a suitable replacement for the continuation of her business in the south of Lowestoft close to her existing client base. This in itself will be very challenging, however it is essential that Ms Robinson is also able to continue to work in close proximity to her home. If work and home are separated, it will cause significant disruption to family life. The Scheme therefore represents a significant risk to both Ms Robinson’s livelihood and family life. We are in discussions with the Applicant to support her in finding a solution to enable her to continue her current work / family life arrangements and progress has been made to date. Significant further progress is however needed to confirm a solution which secures Ms Robinson and her family’s future in the face of the risks posed by the Scheme and until such time she therefore objects to the Application.