East Midlands

Projects have been split into areas to make them easier to find. Use the list in the table below to select a project or go back to the main Projects page to search all projects. This section covers the ‘East Midlands‘ area including any nearby coastal regions.

Please note that these regions are only an organisational convenience and do not represent any administrative or legal boundaries. In particular, coastal regions do not imply regional or national responsibility or ownership.

ProjectDeveloperStageLast updated
A38 Derby JunctionsHighways EnglandDecision2021-07-16 13:00:13
A46 Newark BypassNational HighwaysPre Application2022-09-09 10:00:14
Cottam Solar ProjectCottam Solar Project LimitedAcceptance2023-01-13 14:00:18
Daventry International Rail Freight TerminalRugby Radio Station Ltd Partnership & Prologis UKDecided2019-07-11 09:38:40
East Midlands Gateway Rail Freight InterchangeRoxhill (Kegworth) LimitedDecided2019-05-28 12:01:01
East Midlands Intermodal ParkGoodman Real Estate (UK) LimitedPre Application2019-05-28 12:00:32
East Northants Resource Management FacilityAugean PLCDecided2020-01-22 17:30:45
East Northants Resource Management Facility Western ExtensionAugean South LimitedDecided2023-01-24 16:00:25
Gate Burton Energy ParkGate Burton Energy Park LtdAcceptance2023-01-27 12:00:26
Heckington Fen Solar ParkEcotricity (Heck Fen Solar) LimitedPre Application2022-11-17 11:02:00
Hinckley National Rail Freight InterchangeTritax Symmetry (Hinckley) LimitedPre Application2022-11-30 16:00:20
Mallard Pass Solar ProjectMallard Pass Solar Farm LimitedPre Examination2023-01-05 11:11:45
Northampton Gateway Rail Freight InterchangeRoxhill Developments LimitedDecided2020-01-20 12:04:33
Oaklands Farm Solar ProjectOaklands Solar Farm LimitedPre Application2022-11-25 16:00:23
Outer Dowsing Offshore Wind (Generating Station)Total Energies and Corio GenerationPre Application2022-07-06 11:00:13
Temple Oaks Renewable Energy ParkRidge Clean Energy LimitedPre Application2022-09-13 13:00:24
Tillbridge Solar ProjectTillbridge Solar LimitedPre Application2022-10-06 13:00:23
Triton Knoll Electrical SystemTriton Knoll Offshore Wind Farm LimitedDecided2019-05-22 17:00:35
Triton Knoll Offshore Wind FarmTriton Knoll Offshore Wind Farm LimitedDecided2020-01-22 17:30:45
West Burton Solar ProjectWest Burton Solar Project LimitedPre Application2022-10-11 11:01:12