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Enquiry received via email

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15 May 2020
Nick Scarr


Dear Sizewell team PINS, Please find enclosed the document - Sizewell C – The environment, coastal morphology and climate change-a 2020 perspective. The document explores a serious flood risk associated with the Sizewell location for EDF’s proposed new nuclear power station. The Sizewell C development needs to have security from flooding to at least the year 2150. The so far security of the Sizewell A and B installations is in main part a consequence of the offshore Sizewell Dunwich bank complex that dissipates and attenuates larger waves and prevents their access to the Sizewell foreshore. These matters are not covered in the Scoping reports. Any loss or compromise of these banks would therefore represent high risk to the nuclear installations. This paper looks at the geomorphology and historical bathymetry of the banks and shows how they cannot be relied upon to be sufficiently stable until 2150. The paper also considers climate change and how median sea level rise will diminish the effects of the banks with deeper water allowing the larger waves to pass. The resulting stress to the Sizewell foreshore from increased wave energies and size could result in full or partial ‘islanding’ of the Sizewell nuclear complex. The enclosed brief paper challenges EDF’s claimed micro-stability of the Sizewell coast and shows that it is based on a highly selective interpretation of historical expert evidence. If climate change predictions are accepted along with their acknowledged consequences and a new, full risk analysis undertaken on this basis to define security until at least the year 2150, the Sizewell site will be seen to be highly unsuitable. Regards Nick Scarr – Nuclear Consulting Group, NCG, M.D Seismic and oceanographic engineering consultancy.

Advice given

Should the application be accepted an Examining Authority (ExA) will be appointed (on behalf of the Secretary of State(SoS)) to examine it and subsequently make a recommendation to the SoS, who will then proceed to issue a decision on the proposal. The process for deciding an application and the criteria for assessment are clearly set out in Chapter 5 of the Planning Act 2008. With regard to climate change please note that the appointed ExA has a duty to assess and test a range of issues during an Examination including the European, National, Local Law and Policy context. We would again emphasise that, should the application be accepted, the Pre-examination stage includes a Relevant Representation period when those who wish to fully participate in the Examination must register to become an Interested Party. This will then provide an opportunity for all parties to put forward their views about the application and the appointed ExA can consider these views when carrying out their initial assessment of principal issues before the Preliminary Meeting. Once the Examinations has started registered Interested Parties can submit further Written Representations to expand on those views or set out their case. Further information about the content of Interested Parties Written Representations can be found in the Planning Inspectorate’s Advice Note 8.4: attachment 1

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